Book of gold: double chance free online game

The Ancient world of Egypt was a mysterious place. Pharaohs, princesses, mystical cats, pyramids, it’s like everything was done with the sole purpose of making the followers of this great culture wonder about it, thousands of years into the future. With the Book of Gold – Double Chance slot, you will immerse yourself in this very world of mystery and gold. Take one chance of winning big and leave no stone unturned, as it might be the very one holding the great treasure of the pharos.

About Book of Gold – Double Chance

The slot comes with 5 reels and 3 rows on the screen, and the graphics are based upon a king’s temple. Any spin can prove to be the winning one, as the variance of the game is medium to high. The game features many bonus characteristics and comes with wild scatters that will land you with bonus rounds worth an actual fortune, if you’re a little lucky.

The Wild Scatter Symbol in Book of Gold is the actual logo of the game. If you land on three of these symbols at the time, you will get 10 Free Spins. This is also a Wild Symbol, and therefore substitutes all symbols on the reels in order to create a winning combination, with the exception of the Expanding Wilds and the special symbols. Also, the Wilds cannot appear on the reels in a free spins round.

If you land on three or more Scatter Wilds you get 10 free spins. To these you can add another 10 free spins if and when you land on another set of three Scatter Wilds during the initial 10 free spins. The Special Expanding Symbols, two of them, will be selected prior to the start of the free spins mode. When these symbols come into the view on the reels, they will expand on the entire reel and award you with huge winnings.

Book of Gold – Double Chance for free

Slots like Book of Gold – Double Chance are easy to be played online, as they are found on many online casinos. But in order to be able to play, you usually have to create an account first, put in some credit card data and maybe even download a client that you’ll later install on your laptop. There are fortunately sites like Gametuto which are letting you play slots like Book of Gold – Double Chance for free nowadays. You don’t need to put in any of your real money in order to benefit from this experience. All you have to do is enter Gametuto, find Book of Gold – Double Chance and play it. Go ahead, try it on your own and see how you like it.

Get paid to play Book of Gold – Double Chance

You can play slots like Book of Gold – Double Chance for free on Gametuto, and that is a great thing. It’s actually a feature not many online casinos will land at your fingertips without you having to pay for it somehow. But the good news is, it gets even better from here on! On Gametuto, if you play your slots right, you can even earn some money doing it. Yes, you heard it right, simply playing Book of Gold – Double Chance or any other video slot can earn you $10 at the end of the day. All you have to do is go online, play the game, beat everybody else and raise the highest value of credits and you’re in for the prize. The money will be transferred to your PayPal, so there’s no need for you to give out personal information or credit card details.

Slots versus casino games>

There are many games like poker or blackjack that are amongst the favourites in the industry of online gambling. These older games are great, but they can become a tad boring after a while. Newer games like virtual slots are more intriguing, more exciting and more adventurous. With a slots game, you not only get the chance to win some money, or virtual money if you play on sites like Gametuto, but you also get the entire experience, the graphics, the sounds and the story of the game. Take Book of Gold – Double Chance as an example, and it’s incredible backstory about Ancient Egypt.

Another reason why so many people are starting to enjoy slots more than ever is because these games can be played for free online. You won’t find many casinos that will let play poker or baccarat for free, for example, but there are sites like Gametuto where you can find an array of slots you can enjoy for absolutely no money. There’s no risk, so there’s no stress regarding your finances. You simply relax while playing the game, not worry about the next spin or if you have enough money so that you can actually win something. You win the experience of playing, which is totally free of charge.