Wild Ape from iSoftBet for free

If you’re into nature, if you love movies like “King Kong” or “Planet of the Apes”, if you click with energising music and wildlife adventures, then you surely have to have a go at Wild Ape, a slot that will transport you right in the middle of the jungle from the comfort of your home. This jungle-themed slot from iSoftBet is a masterfully done one, combining beautiful, yet simple graphics and sounds with a wide array of special symbols, bonus rounds and other surprises.

About Wild Ape

Wild Ape comes with a medium variance, having 20 possible paylines on its 5 reels. The top feature of the game are the Free Spins, which can come in rounds of up to 20 at the time. These free spins are playable on an expanded reel of up to 40 paylines. You can even get up to 50 Wilds on one free spin, which will bring incredible wins. Another bonus mode is the Respins feature, which will award you 1000 times your stake with each spin.

The smallest bet you can play on Wild Ape starts from 25 cents and can reach 25 bucks, if you’re feeling particularly lucky. The normal symbols of the game are the playing cards, tens through aces. The higher value symbols are the animals, and the most important ones are the ape and also the Wild, which is the Bonus logo. When you land on 5 apes on the reels, you will get to win your bet multiplied by 25 times on the spot. So if you bet $25 and land on 5 apes, you will be rewarding yourself with 500 bucks.

The symbol you’ll want to look for is the Scatter. If you land on three of them, on reels 1, 2 and 5, you will trigger the Free Spins Bonus round. You will first be met with a wheel you’ll have to spin. Based on the spin, you can get up to 20 free spins. If you get a Wild or more on the free spins, you can get up to 50 free spins and up to 40 paylines. This slot has a return to player percentage of 96.1%, which places it in the middle to higher category.

Wild Ape for free

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Get paid to play Wild Ape

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Slots over casino games

Over the years, there’s been a more and more visible switch from classic casino games towards slots. People who’d love poker or blackjack started looking into new, more interesting and exciting games. And nobody can blame them, as poker or any other simple casino game can get quite boring after a while. Slots are taking advantage of the graphics, the sounds and the overall experience they’re providing to players the world over. They are just that, an experience, rather than just a simple game of chance.

Another reason why gamblers start loving slots more and more is because you can play most of them for free at first, on sites like Gametuto. There’s no risk for you to lose your money. You can browse the library of games, select one and then enjoy it for as long as you want. Not having to pay money and bet with real cash on every hand brings a level of relaxation most casino games simply never come with. This makes slots a way of passing time in a calm, enjoyable manner. And as far as variety goes, you can choose from hundreds of themed games that will surely make you wonder and put you in a great mood.